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2nd Edition Wholesale: $22.50 each for orders of 5 or more
  • 2nd Edition Wholesale: $22.50 each for orders of 5 or more

    Akin to life, the Illuminated Love Oracle is an evolving expression. The new 2nd edition, with its updated guidebook and card descriptions, energize the new frequencies available to humanity at this time. While the card images remain the same, one of the card names has shifted from Interdimensional to Multidimensional. 


    New wholesale accounts who order 10 decks or more receive a free sample deck for in store displays.


    For new wholesale accounts, please email your resellers permit upon ordering to:  Orders will ship when received.


    The Illuminated Love Oracle retails in most stores for US $45-50. It is a tool for of self-realization, spiritual practice and engaging insight and evolutionary frequencies that inspire remembrance of the Illuminated Love we are.


    This 45 card oracle deck and accompanying 128 page guidebook are printed on FSC certified paper and have been crafted with loving intention and care. The cards, with stunning gold gilded edges are 3.25" x 4.75” tucked within a beautiful fitted box.

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      Please note that your order will arrive 2-7 business days after your order or after the receipt of your reseller's permit.

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