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Meet the Alchemists


The creation of this deck has been one of love, intention, presence, play, sisterhood and a deep creative love affair with the Divine. It is our absolute honor and great joy to share this with you. May this be a co-creative companion, uplifting you to the greatest expression of your brilliance, living as Illuminated Love. 


The sacred has been invoked within and throughout every aspect of this creation. Through heartfelt intention and presencing, all images and words have been energetically activated to support their greatest expression and service to all who connect with them. As you intentionally enter relationship with this oracle, the Intelligence moving through you and this deck is truly the guide. 

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Dr. Jessica Rose is an embodied spirituality teacher, visionary, chiropractor, mother and sacred musician. Immersed in goddess, earth-based and shamanic traditions in her childhood, these influences fueled Jessica’s quest for Truth which led to an awakening experience in her late 20’s to the true unified nature of All. As weeks passed, some of the painful veils to truth returned, only further impassioning her devotion to fully embody these insights. Her approach to this journey, which she shares with clients today, cultivates acceptance and love of our individual and collective humanity and unravels conditions, structures and habituations, so we may livawake as consciousness in~form. 


Based in Olympia, WA since 2004, Jessica’s heart-centered chiropractic care synthesizes her spiritual insights, creating radically distinctive modalities of empowerment and evolutionary healing. She shares her unique offerings in support of the awakening journey, both locally and remotely, in her thriving private practice, through coaching holistic healthcare practitioners and leading workshops and retreats. Jessica co-founded two flourishing, inter-disciplinary healing arts centers, a two-year embodied awakening school and recurrent sacred music gatherings where she shares original music and mantra. 


Jessica emanates a true sweetness and full-hearted love that emboldens others to courageously let their love light shine. Her artistry in music, healing, writing and teaching entrains individuals to actualize their humanity and divinity. As witnessed in the Illuminated Love Oracle, the poetic melody of Jessica’s words dance deeply into one’s soul, inspiring continuous return to authentically live our Embodied Brilliance.

Rachel Wolf  brings her talent as a multifaceted light artist and photographer to the Illuminated Love Oracle. Playing in the realms of light and Essence, Rachel’s images are portals that invite the viewer to pause and become present to what arises when our habitual perceptions shift in relationship to what the images evoke. 


Growing up in Alaska, the presence and absence of light has been profound in Rachel’s life and work. The aurora borealis gave her a direct experience of light as both transcendent and embodied. Since then, light has been Rachel’s Muse, and her work is devoted to exploring and expressing it’s multivalent qualities in the field of photography and beyond. 


Rachel’s photographic career spans three decades, encompassing the commercial and fine art worlds. She loves to inspire others by sharing her passion for light and photography as a professor and speaker. She also believes in the power of art as a collaborative endeavour and its raising of community. Rachel has exhibited across the United States including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, Seattle, Portland, and in Europe. Her work is held in both public and private collections. Rachel earned her BA from Hampshire College and her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art, and can be found playing in her darkroom.

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With a gifted ability to See beyond the material into the energetic worlds, Jennifer Dawns gifts inspire awakening, tendering people to wholeness on every level of Being. Jennifer is a powerful force of awakened consciousness ushering a new paradigm of spiritual understanding through her multifaceted work in the world. A passionate teacher, powerful medium, dynamic energetic healer, intuitive counselor and compelling spiritual life coach, Jennifer inspires individuals to awaken and attune to their individual formula to thrive in order to live a more fulfilling experience of themselves, fully embodied as the unique brilliance we all are.  


For nearly 20 years, Jennifer has offered group and individual sessions, led consciousness-based immersion retreats, workshops, classes, community healing events and entrepreneurial opportunities for emerging healers. In all forms and expressions of her work, Jennifer transmits an attunement that awakens and inspires the light, beauty and potential inherent within us all.

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