Illuminated Love Oracle: 


order now to energize 2022 with seeds of Illumination & Love 

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45 card oracle deck & guidebook

to Accompany your evolutionary journey

The Illuminated Love Oracle is a portal of self-realization, engaging evolutionary frequencies that inspire remembrance of the Illuminated Love we are. As you draw

upon the wisdom of the Attunement, Activation, Invitation and Empowerment cards,

you will experience and awaken to your unique frequency as a living transmission

of Loving Presence. This Oracle is a synergistic co-creation of light alchemy, sacred geometry, intention and embodied spirituality, interwoven with the

Wisdom of Universal Love.

 love & praises

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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The creation of this deck has been one of love, intention, presence, play, sisterhood and a deep creative love affair with the Divine. It is our absolute honor and great joy to share this with you. May this be a co-creative companion, uplifting you to the greatest expression of your brilliance, living as Illuminated Love.